First snow

Today Maryland had it's first real snow! Although I'm not the biggest fan of snow (lived in Idaho for 5 years) I do enjoy the first one. There's some kind of magic about it.

The pine trees in the backyard make it feel so much more Christmas-y!

What? I didn't say it snowed a lot!

Jack enjoyed it though. He kept sticking his nose in it and then licking the snow off. :) He's so cute! And what is the most perfect way to spend a snowy day? Making cookies!!! I'm off to visit my parents and hopefully make some delicious sugar cookies (recipe to follow). Happy Friday!


nic said...

So jealous! We REALLY want snow down here in louisiana. We had a miraculous 2 days last winter...not sure if it will happen this year. Enjoy!
What kind of dog is Jack?

Amie said...
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Amie said...

I'll try and send cold a air your way! He's a black lab mix, we think most of the mix part is pit bull

Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

We barely got any in Columbia ... I'm jealous!

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