Tutorial Tuesdays- Polo Wraps

Is someone who owns a horse on your gift-giving list? If so, I have got THE perfect gift for them! Seriously, any horse owner will need another set of polo wraps. What are polo wraps?

These are! (Image source.) They are wrapped around each of the horses legs. They are used for protection, decoration, support, and a million other things. Needless to say, horse owners usually have several sets of polo wraps and could always use another set.

My sister-in-law, Elisa, saved up for and bought her own horse when she was 15. She has been paying for him in full for the last four years (babysitting and teaching riding lessons are very helpful for her!) Being so young with no full time job, she doesn't always have a lot of money to splurge on things for her horse. Good thing she has a sewing-savvy sister-in-law to help her out! :)

The funny thing is, she approached ME with the project idea! I bought her a set of white ones for her birthday and didn't even bother to look at them before wrapping them up. She asked me if I could figure out how to make them so she could make her own. After looking them over, it turns out they are just long rectangles of fleece with velcro! They are ridiculously easy to make and you are sure to be able to find fleece in a color/pattern you like!

To make them you will need:
  • 1 1/2- 3 yards of fleece (see directions for explanation*)
  • 2 yards of heavy duty, 2 inch velcro 
  • Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler (this is REALLY helpful, but not necessary)
  • Sewing machine, matching thread, scissors, etc.
Please note that these are horse sized polo wraps, not pony size! All of our measurements are fitted to an average size horse, if you have a smaller or larger horse, adjust as necessary.

Cut the fleece into 4 1/2 inch wide strips.

 The length of the polo wrap should be between 7 and 8 feet long, (*EDITED: I have been informed that the length of polo wraps should be nine feet, as opposed to the original 7-8 feet. I am sorry for any confusion) so depending on how much fleece you have, you'll probably need to sew some strips together to create a strip long enough. We were able to get an entire set of polo wraps from one yard, but it was really close. If you need to, sew the strips together using the smallest stitch you can to prevent pressure points on the horses legs.

When you're done, you should have four strips of fleece 4 1/2 inches wide and at least 7 9 feet long.

On one end, fold two of the corners down to create a point. Pin in place, and sew the bottom of the triangle down using a small stitch.

Next, cut a six inch strip of your heavy duty velcro and pin the rough side centered over your point. Carefully sew around the edge of wherever the velcro is touching. You should end up with a kind of house shaped seam on the other side.

We added an X in the middle of the "house" for added security. Hopefully the picture explains the process better!

Flip your wrap over. Measure six inches from the point and pin the soft side of the velcro down.

Sew around the edges of it, and then sew an X in the middle for added strength.

Roll it up and you're done! Well, kind of. You're done with the first one, but horses have four legs, so you need to make three more.

NOW you're done. :) It was honestly a lot harder to explain the process than it was to make these. It took less than an hour to make all four! Your horse-owning recipient will be very grateful for your "hard work" making these!

And just for fun, here is the horse that will be wearing the polo wraps! His name is Elliot, isn't he gorgeous?? That's not Elisa riding him, but she did take the amazing picture!

Happy sewing! Don't forget to check out where I'm partying in my Link Parties tab!


malia said...

wow that's cool... my aunt is a big horse lover i bet she'd love these. thanks for sharing at a crafty soiree... hope you join us again tomorrow. xoxo

Crystal said...

What a sweet gift idea. We are actually thinking of getting a horse or something in a few years so I'll have to remember this.

truckermomma said...

I made these for my horse when I was a teen, I loved them, mostly cause no one else had anything like them. A horseman's best friend is usually a seamstress that is not to costly!

anne maskell said...

You are a life saver! I have been racking my brain for gift ideas for my son's girlfriend for Christmas. These are perfect! She will love a couple of sets of these for her pony! I followed you home from 'not so homemade', and have been looking around ever since! I'm your newest follower, and I hope you visit me too sometime. Thanks again!

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