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I know, I'm so MIA lately. I've just been busy with a lot of things I find non-blog worthy. Like, running deals on deal of the day sites. My posts would go something like this:

"Today I packaged up almost 50 cabochon kits and got them shipped off! Yay! I think the post lady hates me though. Now I'm too tired to cook. Ramen! Again."

"I spent about 5 hours today marketing and advertising. And reading business books. Cool. My eyes hurt."

"I just bought 500 bubble mailers! The box is huge, I have no idea where I'm going to put it. Do I really need 500 mailers?"

"Today I made 100 pairs of earrings. The same pair, 100 boring earrings. My fingers really hurt. And my progress only fills a small bowl. This sucks, I wish I had something more to show for my day."

"I really want to make something FUN, but how can I spend any time sewing if I still have a dozen packages that need to get shipped out? Ugh. Does the phrase 'it's the thought that counts' apply here? No, craft blog readers don't want to read about thoughts, they want crafts. Ok then, another day, when I'm done with my work."

"I actually don't have much to do today! But baby girl decided it was a great time for a growth spurt and I'm utterly exhausted and sore. So much for that...."

"The sun in shining and it's not 100 degrees. Stay inside and blog or go outside and soak up Vitamin K? HAHAHA. C ya suckers."

That about sums things up! I just have so many things to do and it's all so boring! Bo.Ring. Who wants to read about mailing packages? If you made it this far, I guess you do. Props, I'll send you a cookie. Except that requires going to the post office...again. Um, virtual hug?

I have been doing a few fun things though. As a teacher, I really like learning new things. I'm always reading articles and trying to develop new skills. I'm convinced I'll never be really good at anything because there are so many things I like to do. And so many things that I can't do that I want to learn how to do!

Or many it's my ADD.

Remember how hubs bought me a super amazing camera for Christmas? {here} I wanted a nice DSLR because when we had kids I wanted to be able to take great pictures that would be frame and scrapbook worthy. So he buys me this AMAZING camera and I freeze. What the crap is aperture? Wait, I have to change the lens? Whaaaat are all these knobs and buttons? You mean this thing doesn't automatically take super amazing pictures? Well crap...honey, take this back it's too hard.

I tried my best to figure it all out, but it's really hard! I read so many articles, so many blogs, my manual, everything. Finally, I broke down and decided that I'm too much of a hands on learner, I needed a class.

A lady at church was talking about how her daughter taught online {photography} and {Photoshop} classes, and after doing a bunch of research I decided they seemed like great classes and signed up for two of them!

Last month I took Photoshop Elements and loved it. I also go PSE for Christmas but I had only opened it up once, got discouraged, and went back to Picasa. Bad.

This class took me through everything! It was amazing! I now know what each of the tools do, how to use them, and when to use them. I'm a really visual learner, so it was really helpful that the class was all in video format. The month long class was broken up into weeks, and each week covered a new topic/skill. I could watch the videos whenever I had time, and I could rewatch them if I didn't understand something. There were homework assignments that I could submit and get real feedback from the instructors to make sure I was on the right track. I felt like I was actually with an instructor who was pointing at my computer and telling me exactly what I needed to do and how to do it.

Now that it's over I honestly feel like kiiind of a PSE guru, the class was so thorough that I don't have anymore questions, nothing is unclear! I can even make a style board! I loved being able to read feedback from the instructors. I would practice a skill and think that my execution was pretty good, and I would get feedback saying it was a little bit over the top, which was so helpful! I highly recommend this class for anyone who has PSE installed but never uses it.

Ok, I know it doesn't LOOK like I'm amazing at this, but I was able to get rid of my saggy eyes and blemishes without using Picmonkey! Yay!

This month, I am taking {Photo 101} THIS class is hard, but in a good way! Right now I'm learning how to use my manual settings and how to compose a good picture. Before the class, I understood the definition of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, but I had no idea how to apply the definition to real life. Though I'm still learning, even after a week I understand it so much more!

Like I said, no one is paying/compensating me to write this. These classes have taken away a lot of my blogging time and have been fantastic, so I feel like I should let you in on this little secret! The next class I want to take is {Table Top Photography}, I just gotta earn a little more money then I can reward myself. :o)


Lydia said...

I love Nicole's classes!! I took a crash course from her in 2009, switched to manual, and never looked back. I also took her online Table Top class. Glad you are having fun!

srpprcrftr said...

Maybe you know somebody that could help you out by getting the top ready for you. Buy your fabric, etc. and have somebody put it together for you. Sounds like you have alot to do yet so why not make it easier on yourself. Do you have anybody that could maybe crochet a blanket for you? There's no rule that says you have to put yourself under that much pressure. You have a business to operate and you need to keep calm, not get yourself all stressed out. As a Mother of 4 kids (3 of which were very closely born) there will be many things you want to do but in reality there is just so much of yourself to go around. Just a few thoughts. You have the rest of your life to make a quilt.

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