Oops. I forgot to title this post.

I can't sleep. It's 12:30am and Baby Girl has decided right now would be an EXCELLENT time to practice her ballet and get hiccups. I can see my belly going crazy from the outside. So much for getting to bed early!

So, while I'm up, I made a belly collage! Quality isn't great, I know. Photo editing skills and photography skills are still bad...but at least I have pictures to track my progress right?

I'm still trying to stick it out, was anyone else this small at 25 weeks??


Lydia said...

Yes. I was that small, or perhaps smaller, at 25 weeks.

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

With my second pregnancy I didn't gain any weight or really start showing until 30 weeks. Consider yourself lucky!

Julie said...

You look pretty little to me :) It looks to me like you are a small person with wider hips which tells me that your baby girl is setting in your hips and not so much up in your belly. I on the other hand, have narrow hips...my babies sat right in my belly. I was all baby, every day. I'm also 5'1"...a very short torso. Just goes to show that we're all different! You look healthy and great :) I am sooo looking forward to November!

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

I don't know if you are on facebook much but I sent you a message. I need your address so I can send you your baby gift! I'm so excited for you to get it. Try to get back to me asap because I want to go to the post office today if I can.

AmieAnn said...

I was! I wore my own clothes up until 6 months and then only wore a Small maternity till the end.
18 lbs total weight gain!
You look adorable! Congrats and I wish you all the happiness in the world!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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