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First off, this is NOT a sponsored post. No one is making me write this post, I am simply letting you guys in on a company that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with. Now that that's outta the way....

{Very Jane} is a deal of the day site that features new boutique style gifts, accessories, supplies, and way too many other pretty things every day! (Much like {Groopdealz}, {Sassy Steals}, and {Rubee Lane}) Each of the deals only last a few days, *if* they don't sell out first! I must admit I blow a good chunk of my monthly budget on Very Jane...but it all evens out in the end, because I've also been able to make some money off Very Jane too!

Here's how it works. I email Very Jane (featureme at veryjane dot com) with a deal proposal. Their approval committee then reviews my application and either accepts or rejects my deal. If my deal gets rejected (which it has!) I just submit another idea. Very Jane is incredibly helpful and willing to see all kinds of different deals! Once the approval committee approves a deal, I get set up for a date to be featured! Usually it is a month or two down the road. Very Jane has a 25-30% commission fee, but honestly, it is a very small price to pay for the amount of exposure I've been able to receive. Very Jane reaches hundreds of thousands of customers! Do you know how much money you have to pay per month to advertise on a blog with that big of a following? A LOT. And in my personal experience, I have receive tons more traffic to my shops (traffic = sales!!) than I ever have advertising on another blog. It is well worth the commission fee.

It really is that easy, communication is quick and efficient and everyone I've ever talked to has been very helpful and friendly. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Very Jane. If you have an idea for a deal, and have the capacity to produce a mass amount (trust me, it takes many, MANY hours to create, package, and ship all those orders!) I highly recommend emailing Very Jane and submitting your idea! Very Jane has really helped grow my business and earn me the money I need to expand and advertise. An invaluable experience, IMHO.

Thank you Very Jane!! (less than three)

Need another reason to check it out? Right now on Very Jane's {facebook page}, they're giving away $100 AMEX gift card. Who DOESN'T need $100??

Ok, you're sick of my gushing. How about a tutorial, does that entice you? :)

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