Quilted Valentine's Day table runner (a mini tutorial)

You know you've been away from blogging for a while when your dad calls you and says, "Hey, how come you haven't posted a tutorial in a while? I miss seeing your tutorials."

Yikes. I guess it's been longer than I thought since I really posted something crafty huh? I promise I'm being crafty, not nearly as much as I was, but I am! I've been crafting a ton with {Caroline} and {Meg} which means that tutorials are much less likely to happen. Who remembers to take pictures of every little step when you're busy laughing about the funny things your husband does?

I sure don't. In fact, I'm lucky if I remember to take a single picture at all! :) You know how it gets, right?

Sooo...wanna see my almost quilted Valentine's Day table runner?

Yay! I sewed something! Meg let me dip into her fat quarter stash to make this cute runner. Since I didn't take pictures, maybe a play by play will suffice? (Please nod in agreement.)

1) Cut fat quarters into strips. I cut some of them into 4 strips and some into 2 strips. Since they are already the same width everything will line up nicely! I think we used 8 or so fat quarters between the two of us.
2) Sew all the strips together with a 1/4" seam, right sides together. You'll end up with a really long runner, we both cut ours in half since neither of us had a table even close to long enough to hold the runner!
3) Even out your edges with a rotary cutter so everything is nice and straight.
4) Cut out a piece of thin batting and a piece for the backing.
5) Sandwich the batting in between the backing and the top.
6) Baste around the edges. Trim any excess fabric and make sure it's still nice and square.
7) Use decorative stitching (we used a fancy zig zag that makes it look like it's hand stitched) in between each strip.
8) Round your corners with a bowl (I only did this because I didn't have quite enough binding...it sort of give it the appearance of a changing pad so you might want to skip this step.)
9) Apply quilt binding around the unfinished edges.
10) Admire your work.


We threw in some yellow so the runner could transition into spring nicely. Score one for the lazy crafter! :)

What have you been working on lately?

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Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

Very cute .. good job :)

Chris King said...

1. Thanks for the post, I enjoy the tutorials.

2. Husbands don't do anything laugh-worthy for their wives to chuckle about with their friends.

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