I'm crazy. I opened another shop.

Yup! I've opened another shop! Brand-spanking new. Yay me? 

So, you know how pretty much all crafters are hoarders right? Right. I am no exception. I have wayyy more supplies than I would ever be able to use. I could craft all day, all night, and I would still never use it all. And so...

...was born! (Do you like the banner? I actually did it myself! Clearly my designing skills are unmatched. Sarcasm.)

The title would be wayyy more funny if you were familiar with a certain meme...

Getting off topic...so. What can you find at All the Destash? For now, jewelry making kits and some regular old destash. I'll be adding way more as I get more organized. 

 Sunset inspired jewelry kit. Listing {here}

 Filigree bobby pins kit. Listing {here}

Gold button destash. Listing {here}

Here's to hoping this little shop will help make a small dent in our major student loan debt. :) 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. 

1 comment:

Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

oooooo... thanks a lot. It may help YOUR debt, but it'll only make MINE worse!

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