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You know what is awesome? Completing TWO pins on Pinterest in the last two weeks! Holla!!

This time it was Meg who pushed me to get this one done. She said "Hey, let's get together and do those cool button initials. I'll teach you how to cut vinyl with your Silhouette."

Sold. Plus my massive button collection is always looking to get dipped into.

I'm pretty sure she pinned something different, but I pinned {this one} on my {Crafty things I need to do} board a little while ago. Oh if I had a dollar for everything I pinned on there....I'd have $72. Not bad, anyone hiring?

I think it really perks up my crafting nook! It took a full week and a half to tear apart my nook, reorganize every bit of crafting crap I own, and then put it all in this fancy new IKEA shelf that I blew all my Christmas money on. Ahh. I love my new organized space.

A quick how to:

  • Get an empty 8x10, glassless frame. Cut out cute scrapbook paper to fit. 
  • Cut out a vinyl letter and stick it on the paper. If you don't have a craft cutter, just cut one out of cardstock and trace it onto your paper. 
  • Bust out the buttons and hot glue gun and glue, glue, glue! We did two layers of buttons so it would look really cohesive.
  • Let dry. Frame. Done. 

Sorry about the weird angles of all the pictures, there's kind of a pillar in the way.

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Jennifer said...

I love Pinterest! And I love Buttons! These 2 seem to be going together alot these days :) I'd love for you to share this at my pinterest inspired link party! Pinned it, Made it happens every friday :)

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Love it! Feels so good to be able to complete a pin :) Makes me feel less guilty spending so much time pinning LOL! By the way, I love your organized shelves... swoon!

Vicky said...

I just love your initial. Now I feel like I need a stash of buttons. I will keep my eyes open for some at yard sales. I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Flamingo Toes. Vicky from Mess For Less

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

Love the buttons! Seriously adorable! Over from the linky party at Sew Can Do!
~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot.com

Kimmy Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimmy Davis said...

I've seen these around too--but I have a question:

Where are people getting these buttons that all match?? I have buttons from estate sales, gobs from other places, but they are mostly ugly brown fake tortoiseshell buttons. I checked at Wal-mart, and packs of same-color buttons can be very expensive!

Even doing some casual "stash-busting" of old clothes has yet to result these pretty bright buttons.

I love monograms, and I too have several "pinned"--it's the lack of buttons that confuses me.

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Love that initial - love pinterest. New follower and following on pinterest as well. Your crafting nook is amazing - I'm jeaous!!

Brian, Michelle, Teagan and Isla said...

Oh wow! I wondered how they did that and pinned the same K framed pic thinking it would be so cute to do something like this for the nursery! Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial. So am gonna break out the glue gun this week!

I'd love it if you'd link this up on my Tuesday Destination: Inspiration party at Teagan's Travels!


Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

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