Sometimes I'm super crafty. And I take a whole bunch of really awesome pictures. Then spend a long time editing them. And by the time I sit down to blog about all of my rad accomplishments...




I've used up all my energy by that point! Does that ever happen to you? If someone would have told me how much work blogging actually was, I might not have started a blog! Ok, that's an exaggeration. But dang, blogging is a lot of work! Sometimes I wonder how all those big name bloggers post crazy things every single day, but then I remember that they probably don't have much of a life plus they have contributors. Then I feel better.

So, um, photo dump?

See? I do stuff! These are all from "trading posts" with Caroline and Meg. We made Christmas bunting, sewed bags, and spent and entire afternoon beading. (This is three separate occasions....ack, see how behind I am??)

Extra super confession: I didn't even take these pictures....thanks Caroline!


The Loops said...

You look so tan! And why do I look like a disney villain in the photo of me and my bag. Note to self: I so don't need botox!

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

I know exactly what you mean. Some months I just don't post a single project because I don't feel like it!! But hey, we don't have to (like the big-name bloggers do). It looks like you had fun! :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I know what you mean - I guess that's why it's important to keep blogging what you're passionate about - so that it doesn't get to feel like a drag.

And I'm fine with your photo dump!! It all looks gorgeous!!

I've signed up to follow you!


Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

Sooo.... do you read Vintage Revivals? ok, well, she's having this linky party where you link up your blog crush and a description of why they are awesome. Just thought you should know I picked you. ;)

Robin Neorr said...

I feel the same way. I have a ton of post and tutorials ready to go in my camera, but downloading and writing the tutorial is exhausting.

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