Craft Fair advice please!

I am doing my first craft fair next Friday! Well...sorta kinda. My friend Meg's work is having a craft fair and she graciously offered to spend her lunch break selling some of my jewelry! Isn't she awesome?? (Answer: yes, very awesome)

So I need your advice! I've never done a craft fair before, let alone a proxy craft fair! She's really only going to have an hour or two to sell things, so I need ideas to maximize sales in such a short period of time without me being there! I need display ideas (I have NOTHING), selling ideas, and ESPECIALLY pricing advice. Without the cost of shipping, shipping materials, packaging, etsy/paypal fees, advertising and all that I can sell  my items for less, but HOW MUCH less? There is too much to think about and not enough time to think about it, so I would greatly appreciate any advice!

I have been searching some display options and I like a lot of these ones!

I'm ridiculously excited about this, though I have no expectations to sell a thing. That way no matter what happens, I'll either be right on or pleasantly surprised. :)


Courtney @ {not so homemade} said...

oooh... good luck!

You have some amazing stuff :)

And those displays are all great ideas!

Two Broads Design said...

Cork boards are really easy and can be leaned against the wall. Just pin some pretty paper then use the push pins to display necklaces.

Use a pretty bowl with cheap clear plastic beads then nestle rings inside the bowl.

The bonus of these is you can do the cork boards at home then wrap them in a small blanket for easy setup. :)

Look up the Blog Beadup and search her for display ideas too, she has a bunch of other great ideas.

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

so exciting!! i say go to thrift stores and remake things for displays. remember that you dont have to spend time packaging or sending the items you do sell, so your prices can be cheaper than on etsy. make sure your prices are in easy increments so that the customer/friend seller doesnt have to worry about change. do you have business cards? if anything, have your friend pass those out even if the person does not make a purchase. You could even do a special coupon code that you write on the back of your business card...that way they are inclined to visit your blog/shop online as well. These are just a few things I learned. Dont break your bank with your table display...but make it eye catching and memorable. :) GOOD LUCK FRIEND!

Brielle said...

I like the top picture the best because it is beautifully presented but the merchandise stands out. Some of the other displays are distracting from the products being sold. I think you should Get a frame and put fabric behind it with ribbon going across the frame. Then you can hang your jewelry from it.

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