Christmas came early, and it's Monday

Here in Maryland, it is THE most gorgeous day. Not too warm, not too cold, slightly cloudy, light breeze. I was very inspired this morning and I made a TON of jewelry. Like, way too much. So now it's scattered all over my table, and I thought "Oh! Blog friends only sale!" I'm a really good mood, can you tell?

Everything I'm listing has FREE shipping! You can fill a lot of stockings with this loot! If you'd like anything, leave a comment with the name of the set you'd like and your paypal email address (you can email me too at kittycatsandairplanes at gmail dot com). Happy Monday loves!

 Seahorse necklace. Swarovski crystal eyes. Reg. $15 you get it for $11.

 Turquoise Burst, earring and necklace set. Will list it in the shop for $19 if not sold, you get it for $15.
 Ocean Avenue. Three pairs of earrings, one filigree ring. Reg $21, you get it for $17.
 The Royal Treatment. Two pairs of earrings, one necklace, one filigree ring. Reg $25, yours for $20
 Date Night, two pairs of earrings, one filigree ring. Reg $18, yours for $15.
 Sunshine on a Cloudy Day, one necklace, two pairs of earrings. Reg $18 yours for $15.
 Grayscale, three pairs of earrings. Reg $13, yours for $10
 Green with Envy, three pairs of earrings, one ring, one necklace. Reg. $26, yours for $20
 Ice, Ice Baby, three pairs of earrings one ring. Reg $19, yours for $15
SOLD!!!! Diamonds pearls and Guns, will list for $17 if not sold, yours for $13.

SOLD!!!! Rhinestone deer necklace, will list for $18 in the shop if not sold yours for $15. 

Once things are sold I will update the post. I will leave this sale open for 48 hours (sooo...Wednesday at 2 I will close it!) Everything that is not sold will go into the shop at a higher price + shipping! Get it while you can!

Edited to add: Don't hesitate to offer a trade, I LOVE trading. If you're a little strapped for cash and have a shop of your own and would like to trade items, I am totally down with that!


The Loops said...

It's really creepy when you read my mind, which seems to happen a lot lately. 1. I was just going to text, Hey Amie, you should do some more black jewelry because I love me some black accessories!" Lo and behold black jewelry. Then I was thinking how cool something with antlers would be and then there is a reindeer necklace. Creepy. Anyways it's all awesome!Do you think I can rock the reindeer?

Heather Burns said...

I love the necklace you have on etsy with the tree, nest & bird! Is it possible to include that in a future sale?

Brielle said...

I love the deer necklace. I've never seen anything like it!

Lindsay (The Craftafarian) said...

Can you make more reindeer necklaces?? Those are gorgeous!!

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