Can you tell me more about iPads?

No I'm not giving one away or anything. I just want some info from some of my most trusted friends, you!

The hubs REALLY wants an iPad for Christmas. I'm pretty much against it, he has an iPhone and a laptop, so why get an iPad? Plus it's quite the investment, and I really, really, REALLY want a house.



REALLY want a house. I saved up a nice little chunk for his Christmas/anniversary presents, but it isn't enough to cover an iPad. Plus I already bought him a few things, so now I'm only halfway to an iPad. He keeps talking about how much he wants one and I'm half tempted to just cave in and put it on the credit card. But I do not want to do that. I've tried to push him in the direction of a droid tablet or a Kindle or a Nook but he will hear no such thing.

Help a sista out? Are iPads really THAT great? I now Apple like NEVER goes on sale so I'm really just stumped. Does anyone have one? Do you love it? Should I even bother with this one?

Thanks! :D I do have things I'm working on for all of you, so I won't be dead for too much longer. :)


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

My hubs has one and loves it. BUT, if it weren't for his work, he really wouldn't need it (not that he still wouldn't want it! Men and their toys!). It does work very well for when he has to travel--doesn't have to drag along a heavy laptop--and he can pull up his work instantly. Because he works for an international company, he has to be available at all hours and in all places. Honestly, I prefer my iPhone and in watching him with it, I don't want, or need, an iPad. I see limits to it that my laptop doesn't have. For being "on" all the time? I have my phone. My advice is just to factor it with his job. I don't know if this helps?

Nicole {Miss Mommy} said...

I have the iPad 2 and love it. I don't regret getting it, but I think if I had my time back I would have invested my money into something else. However, I do NOT have a Laptop, so that is my mobile go-to. I do have an iPhone 4S though and I use that a LOT!. My iPad has come in handy in the sense that it's really easy to transport, the maps are great on it and we use it as our Sat Nav, it kept my 2 young girl occupied on the plane and it was handy to have when needing to google things on the go. I'm sure all of this could have been done from our phones, but having the iPad was handy. I think if it's not in your budget then give it the flick. It is somewhat of a "fad" and the novelty will wear off. For instance, since we got back from vacation a week ago, my iPad has been sitting in the kitchen!. I don't think it's been opened since. Oh and i've also found it really handy to store recipes on and leave it open in the kitchen while cooking to refer to.

I realize that this was probably no help to you what so ever!. Sorry!. Goodluck!

Heather Burns said...

I bought the knock-off pandigital makes. I got it around Christmas last year, and haven't used it since the spring. It's more convenient to use my phone that to use that.

Brielle said...

I don't think you should cave. I would also love to get my hubby an Ipad but it just isn't going to work this year and think of how much cheaper it will be when the Ipad 3 comes out!

Oh and I got the best surprise in the mail ever! Your adorable jewelry. Even my three year old said "oh...that is beautiful"

Nicole said...

I bought my hubby an iPad last year for Christmas. He had an iPhone and laptop too, but really wanted it so I caved. He loves it. It still gets used everyday. His laptop is pretty much only used for work. He uses his iPad the rest of the time. We got the cheapest one (smallest memory and no 3G). It has been enough memory since he doesn't keep movies or anything large like that on it. Also, it is OK that it isn't 3G with a plan because he has wireless at home and at the campus he works at. He uses it to keep his calendar on, to write emails and notes, read books and PDF files, he even writes code for work on it, checks FB, read blogs, etc. It gets used a lot. I am glad I got it for him. Having said that, I would not charge it either. I am totally with you on that. If he really wants one, maybe talk to him about having a small Christmas this year and to keep saving until you can get enough.

I was unsure how much he would end up using it, but it definitely gets used a ton. But my hubby loves to use technology. It isn't just a passing fad for him. He is a bit of a geek :) (Don't tell him I said that) Good luck with your decision.

The Loops said...

This is a huge sacrifice for me, but feel free to pretend my house is yours. I mean it. Any time you want to buy cute things or decorate awesomely feel free to come over and put it all in my home. I will even let you paint the trim and do yard work. I am so generous. You can thank me later. :-)

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