Halloween Costumes

I love doing group costumes for Halloween, they are so festive! I think David and I have done a couples costume every year we've been together, including two group costumes!

Ok, we aren't matching here. We had only known each other for a few weeks. But I thought it would be fun to add because the night this picture was taken was the night I realized I was in love with this guy. (I was a vending machine this Halloween, I was nominated for most creative costume!)

Next year, we were Mario Kart with my brother! I was Peach, David was Mario, Jordan was Yoshi. We even had cardboard cars. We won second prize in a campus wide costume contest!

Uh....this is Edward and Bella. Post turn. I didn't have time for costumes this year.....student teaching, work overload, blah. But I got David to wear eyeliner!

Last year we did a group Naruto costume. Way too much sewing, but fun nonetheless! I've done couple costumes before I even met him.

The year before I met David I was Sailor Moon and my friend was Tuxedo Mask. (He had a girlfriend and I had boyfriend...go figure)

This is one of my favorites, my sister and I were both Cinderella, but she was the princess and I was the slave.

Naturally, I am planning another couples costume. I am leaning towards....

Rapunzel and Flynn! My mom is completely convinced that I am a clone of Rapunzel, and I admit that it would be a fun costume! All I need is to grow about 60 more feet of hair.

I really do love the idea, but her dress is a lot more complicated than it seems. There are so many tiny details! Corset like bodice, puffy sleeves, lots of lace detail, printed detail on the skirt, she even has buttons in the back!

See?? What the heck! I consider myself slightly above beginner, so this dress would really be a challenge for me, not to mention an investment if I don't have enough 40% off coupons.

Luckily for Flynn I would only have to make a vest, everything else David already has! Except the boots, I would need to buy those.

So what do you think? I really would love to do these costumes but I have a little over 3 weeks and not enough experience. Any tips, tricks, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Mindy said...

Wow! So brave!

Megan M. said...

As long as your dress is purple with the criss-cross up the front, people will get it. Just take the pressure off yourself and do it easy and cheap. But really cool idea!!

Julie said...


Don't know if you read this blog (who doesn't...I didn't for a while!) but she just posted about making her kids costumes the last couple years and one was cinderella. her tutes might be helpful :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it was just us, but there were A LOT of references ("Easter eggs") to all the Disney movies, but especially Snow White, in Tangled. (For example, there's a scene where blue birds fly past her, and even though it's just a split-second long, it's the EXACT scene in Snow White.) IMO, you could easily get away with simply changing a "classic" Disney princess dress to the correct colors. Plus, the hair and the frying pan are dead giveaways ;P

One of my friends from High School is a REAL-LIFE Disney princess (well, until last year when she moved back home and bought a house) and she knows alllllllll the ins and outs of what they wear walking around the Park and which details matter the most. I'll be happy to put you both in contact (FB would be best, so you could see her pictures of the 100s of Disney beauties.)

We, meaning myself, the husband and the 5yo son,all love that Tangled, it's such a cute movie :)

beingFab said...

Oh do do do Rapunzel!! I loved Tangled and think you would make a great Rapunzel. And pleaaaase put all those flowers in your hair too!!

Jean said...

O.K. as far as Flynn's vest... go to Goodwill or some similar store... buy a guys shirt... take off the sleeves and the upper collar!... wha-la....your done!
As far as the dress that as you said will be more difficult... but it doesn't have to be terrible! Find a pattern that is similar if not the one they are probably selling everywhere... and then as far as the back... you can either use a very small zig zag to represent the button holes (only your making fake ones) and also... sew on the buttons over the top of where a button hole would be! Oh, and while you are at the store for his vest... buy yourself a shirt or two that has lots of buttons on it, they will be a more spendy part of the costume. If you have sewn all the other costumes (having seen your gallery of photo's... you can do this!) the sleeves are no biggie, if you can't find a pattern for the dress... see if you have a pattern for a shirt with the same sort of sleeve and a v-neck... and place onto a skirt (you may want to check out Goodwill again for a skirt... nice and full (if it's white that would be good... you can always dye it pink!) and add the shirt to the top... You can do this... it just take imagination
which we know you have and a little bit of patience! Good Luck!
Glad that I found your blog... looks like you have a lot of fun!

Jean said...

Too Funny.... I just got back into your blog posts further... and noticed a picture of Pres. Monson...
RULDS... WER2! Seems Iam drawn to different blogs that are without even knowing it!

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