Guest Post: Felt pumpkins from Artfully Caroline

Yay! Caroline is here today! In case you're new, Caroline is my bloggy friend turned real life friend once we found out we lived 20 minutes away from each other. We get together almost every month to craft, she is my {trading posts} partner! She's always full of fantastic ideas, and this one is no different.
Good morning!
My name is Caroline. My little blog is called:

I love to cooksew and craft for my home, family and friends. Creating keeps me sane and happy in an otherwise crazy stressful busy life.  Here are a few of my latest creations:


As you may know Amie and I are also neighbors in real life and get to visit each other and craft together every so often. So I'm thrilled to be visiting Amie's blog today to show you how to make this cute addition to your fall decor: 

With a bit of orange fleece and some scraps of green crushed velvet, I sewed my first pumpkin last year.

For this project you will need
- 1/4 yard of orange fleece or felt
- Stuffing material
- Thread and needle 
- A sewing machine that doesn't cringe about thick fabric (my old Singer would have been a bad candidate but my faithful Pfaff just went along with it).
  • Cut 6 ( roughly 7 inch long by 2 wide) wedges of the orange fleece/felt
  • Fold in half lengthwise and stitch a 2 inch pintuck on both ends 
  • This will define the shape of the pumpkin i.e  flatten the top and bottom
  • This is how it look from the wrong side (Left) and the right side
  • Sew 2 wedges together wrong side togethers (i.e. pinktucks outside) 
  • Add a third wedge - You have now a half pumpkin
  • Sew the second half pumpkin then attach the two halves on one edge
  • Cut a piece 2x 4 inch piece of green fleece, felt or crushed velvet
  • Fold in half and attach to the top of your pumpkin


  • Stitch the last seams with the pumpkin inside out leaving a 2 inch opening
  • Turn the pumpkin right side out and stuff it
  • Stitch the opening
  • Stitch some ridges to the stem 

  • Optional : add a leaf to your stem

Et voila !

Super easy and cute 

Thanks Amie for having me over . 
I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic fall.

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