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I know, I'm a bit late on this one! It all happened during my bloggy break. You should read {Caroline's post} because she took wayyy more pictures than I did! Actually...now that I'm rereading her post it will totally put my post to shame, so just save yourself some time and hop on over to see all of it. And I only took pictures of the finished product. Fail Amie.

I blame pertussis. Stupid whooping cough.

Anyway! After a long summer hiatus we finally were able to get together to make some wreathes! I honestly can't remember the last time I made a wreath...I'm not really a wreath person. It might be because I don't have a front door on account of living in a basement but that's beside the point.

This is Caroline's. Isn't it GORGEOUS? She used a fabulous braiding technique and threw that beautiful purple in with her fall colors. I helped her turn a lot of those fabric tubes inside out, so I will hereby claim this wreath to be 20% mine. ;)

This one is mine, a yarn wrapped wreath! This took so. much. yarn. Oh my goodness, Caroline and I were twisting and gluing and twisting and gluing and twisting and gluing until our fingers ached! I do like the result though, its so textural and I love all the colors together!

The best part? It's made out of a $1.50 pipe insulator from Home Depot. Yup! Even though I knew we were making wreathes, I somehow blanked on bringing my wreath form. I remembered the yarn and the felt, but not the wreath! So Caroline took me to Home Depot and we picked up the pipe insulator. Add some duct tape, some batting, and a whole lotta yarn, and BAM! A fall wreath!

Have you made any wreathes lately? Leave me a link!

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