Not yet....but almost! {Quiz + giveaway!}

Still haven't found my mojo yet. :c (that's a REALLY sad face btw.) I though taking a week off would help me get back on my feet and get motivated, but I honestly feel worse today than I did last week.

That MIGHT be because I picked up the cold that's been going around the house though.

Just saying. There are a few other things going on but I won't get into that.

Anyway, I feel bad that I've left you hanging for so long. I miss you guys. A lot. Even though I don't personally know most of you I still love you! Seriously. You guys help me get out of bed most days.

So in my crafty absence, I thought I would give you something to do! I've created a little quiz on something I know a lot about....ME! Copy and paste the quiz into a comment (or email, for all you email subscribers), and answer the questions. For every right answer (or close enough answer) you get a point! Whoever gets the most point will win a small package filled with some of my most favorite things.

Oh, and 99% of these answers can be found within the words of the old bloggity blog. I tried not to make it TOO tricky.

In the case of a tie, I'll think of something totally elaborate as a tiebreaker. Ready?

1. What is the hubs' name?
2. What is ONE of my favorite TV shows?
3. Where did I attend college? What do I have my degree in?
4. I have a cartoon crush. Who is it?
5. When is my birthday?
6. How many siblings do I have? (Extra point if you include in-law siblings)
7. What do I NEED to have on before I leave the house?
8. Name one thing I am allergic to.
9. What is my all time, number one favorite food?
10. I have a phobia of: ____________
11. What is the background on my laptop? (Ok I never said this one, but I want to see your guesses :D)
12. Where do the hubs and I like to go on Tuesdays?
13. What did I grow in my garden this year?
14. What is the name of one of my cats?
15. How tall am I?
16. When did I open my Etsy shop?
17. What is my favorite flower?

Ok, I'm bored now. I might go back and add a few if I think of some good ones.

That's me. Awwww!

Giveaway will close when I get my mojo back. Hopefully that'll be soon! I discourage those of you who actually know me from participating. Might have an unfair advantage! ;)

Good luck! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the blog mojo absence lately! I'm working on getting mine back as well... and I think that I am also coming down with another cold. Everyone at the husband's work has been sick... he hardly ever gets sick, but I think that he might have brought it home to me! Here's to getting better soon and getting our blog mojos back! :-)

Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

Sorry about the mojo thing... I know how you feel. I hope everything else is ok. Would getting a little package in the mail next week - like, say, a headband - help a little??

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I'm about to e-mail my answers!

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