New York and Hurricane Irene


(Twenty million BFF points of you know what movie that is from. I'll give you a hint, I've loved that movie since I was a child.)

Sorry for my unexpected blogging hiatus. The hubs and I left for our mini vacation in New York early Thursday and just got back a few hours ago. I was totally gonna set up some guest posters, but life has been so crazy lately I just didn't have time. I needed a vacation! I wish stupid Irene didn't cut it short a day. (sad face)

This is only a half hour old, so as you can see, the hurricane is already upon us! The worst is still to come though, that eye is killer. Maryland isn't a stranger to hurricanes, but I can't remember the last time we had one this bad. We've:

  • Tied everything down
  • Stocked up on the essentials (luckily I've been bottling water for a while so we have several gallons already stored!)
  • Filled up the tank with gas
  • Bought more cat food
  • Found our candles and matches
  • Charged everything we can think of

And we should be ready! I might be without power for a bit, so my hiatus might be a bit longer than I anticipated! Sorry about that.

I hope all my fellow east coasters are ready for this! It still stuns me that Irene is going to sweep up almost the entire east coast. West coasters send us some love! We're gonna need it.

Keep linking up your felt projects! You have until Wednesday night to link up!


Nicole said...

Little mermaid? For some reason I thought it was from the beginning when Eric gets thrown into the sea. I could be making that up though :)

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Little Mermaid...duh! ;)

Stay safe! Sounds like you are prepared. Keep us updated on fb as much as you can :)

CreativeMama said...

take care

Ginger said...

Stay safe!!!! Keeping you all in our prayers. So scary.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way as well as all living in the east coast!

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