3...2...1... craft! WINNER!!

You guys, watching the poll on this was like watching a soap opera! All top five had a chance at the top, for the first few days every single time I checked someone new was winning! And then something totally unexpected happened!

Someone completely stole the lead overnight! First she had 46%...then 50%, and the contest ended with this particular woman with 56% of the total points!! Holy cow! So who was it?

Chelsea!! Her {rosette t shirt makeover} got 56% of the total votes! Amazing! Congrats Chelsea! You've won the first round of 3...2...1...craft! Email me asap with your address!

So what did you guys think? I really want to know your thoughts! What you liked, what you didn't, suggestions, praise ;), anything. This was the first round so I know there are still kinks to work out. So lay it on me! I'm also open to suggestions for the next theme, I still haven't settled on one! Expect the next round to happen next month. I'm already excited. :)


Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Congratulations to Chelsea! Her shirt refashion is way cute.

I like everything about the competition! I thought it was well organized and promoted and I loved the theme. Maybe as it gets bigger or even next time around, you can have guest judges that help you pick the top 5?? Obviously they cannot enter the contest then, but I think that might be fun. And you could showcase each judge...maybe pick judges with all different kinds of talents.

And if you ever need a sponsor for a prize, I would love to help out! And if you like the judge idea, I would totally help with that too...unless of course I enter the competition ;)

I think overall, this was a very successful first competition...IMO :)

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

Congrats to the winner! I loved her T Shirt makeover almost as much as I love her hair in the photo. great job!

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