The 4th

If you're a fan of my facebook page, you might have seen that I have declared that 4th of July might be my new favorite holiday. I love Halloween, but I've never had a disappointing Independence Day. What's not to love about grilling, fireworks, and family?

We played with sparklers, and tried out making shapes in the camera. Only my baby sister was successful. 

I tried out some taking pictures of fireworks tips, and some pictures turned out fantastically. MUCH better than they have in the past! I captured colors and not all the pictures are terribly blurry, epic win for me. This was the first time I'd really ever been able to have fireworks in the yard, since growing up, all forms of at home fireworks were illegal. LAME. 

I felt good about it the whole time, but then when I was going through pictures I saw this. David with firework in his mouth, and a lighter in his hand. Husbands.

Our attempts at a nice family picture. Fail. We can't be taken seriously. Ever.

What to expect this week:
Giveaway tomorrow.
Handmade gift exchange post.
Crafty contest details.
Tutorial {food related, you excited?}


Chris King said...

How come in the last two pix, when everyone was making a goofy face, my face remained constant? Is my goofy face identical to my normal face?

Ami w/AliLilly said...

HAHA!! Davids! I have caught my David holding an artilary shell pipe with LIGHTED artilary shell in pipe while wearing an OVEN MIT! As if that would of protected him!!! SHEEESH men...I meant SHEEESH DAVIDS!

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