Design inspiration for my future home

As you may or may not know, the hubs and I are basement living. As in, we don't own a home. Which is why you never see furniture redos, room makeovers, and other home-y type posts on KC&A. I DESPERATELY want my own home, but that is still something in the distance for us. But in the meantime, I keep logging away different ideas for home decor inspiration and prepping for when I do finally have a home of my own to make all pretty.The hubs and I are house sitting this weekend and I am LOVING a lot of what this home has, so I snapped a few pictures for inspiration.

 I want some of these with crafting words. All squared and nice, with canvas. Maybe hand painted!

 LOVE this whole bedroom. The colors, the spread, the artwork, pretty much just "works" for me aaaand I want this exact room.

Stone rugs in the bathroom. These are legit real rocks, this mat is HEAVY and the smooth rocks feel so fun on your feet. DIY maybe?

Striped dresser! Love, love, LOVE. And the sunburst mirror.

Metallic paint in the bathroom. you'd think it would be weird and tacky but this so works! It pulls everything together. Also this simple art, gonna try and recreate this one!

I hope you are having a wonderful evening.


Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder said...

I saw a similar looking thing to your rock rug where someone put rocks down in a boot tray. You could get a boot tray and just buy bigger rocks and glue them down so they stay in place! That would be awesome... I want one now!

amyjaykay AT att DOT net

kristin said...

I love everything, especially the 3 word pictures and the rock rug, so neat!

Stephanie @ Toastie Studio said...

I love that rock rug!
Tomorrow I am going to look at an house to rent, am trying not to get too excited at having my own home, I am currently in a student room let so can't do much.

Kitty said...

That rock rugs is so cool! I would love to do that with smaller polished stones. BTW I was basement living a couple years ago with my hub's...I can sympathize. I love decorating. I'm "borrowing" a house now...more space but still not mine so I just stick stuff away for when I have my own place. I feel your pain =)

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