A birthday to end all birthdays

Well, maybe not. But as long as he thought so I'll count it as one. :) This 10 day span in June is the busiest time of the year for me! My little brother's birthday is the 8th, my husband's is the 11th, and my mom's is the 13th! Throw in Father's Day and I've got lots of things going on!

 First, the hubs's favorite breakfast. French toast, sausage, and orange juice.

Then Aeris stole the show by deciding to plop her fat butt down on a guitar case. Adorable.
Lunch consisted of Cafe Rio. Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy were quite upset that they didn't get to go in the restaurant first.

As always, we carried ourselves with dignity and poise and caused absolutely no ruckuss.

David spent the afternoon doing his favorite thing: watching movies.

And I finished my quilt top. Almost done!

One day I'll have a cute kid to post pictures of. One that wears cute clothes and does cute things. But for now I have cute cats.

He wanted a funnel cake for this birthday cake. Delicious, but not good for candles.

Recipe will be posted tomorrow.

I couldn't resist the powdered sugar all over his nose.

Then, presents. He liked most of them, I think.

And we finished the day watching his favorite show with the whole family.

Happy 26th birthday hubs! Here's to many, many more.

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