Birthday present ideas?

The hubs's birthday is on Saturday.

Isn't he sooooo dreamy? :) I love him so much.

Anyway! As per my request, he have me a list of things he wanted and I've stuck to it almost 100%. I'm pretty much done shopping for him, but I don't feel like it's enough. I bought him a game and some other things from stores but it feels so impersonal. Like something his old friend from college would get him. "Hey man happy birthday! Got you this game" "Dude awesome!" {butt slap. Oh wait, that's only football.}What I've gotten him is not wifey enough for me, and I'm running out of time. I've made him a few thigns in the past for Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries and I am fresh out of ideas.

Cue awesome readers! {That's you, ps}

Do you have any ideas for a heartfelt birthday present? Preferably something handmade (or an act of service), since I've blown his birthday present budget out the wazoo. ANY idea is welcome here, something to eat, something to hang on a wall, something to wear, anything!

Lay it on me. I'm ready.

Oh! Also. The facebook only sale was a great success. I had tons of fun with it!

  All of these lovelies were sold during the sale. I have more "in the back" too! As soon as I hit 100 facebook likes, I will have another sale. So if you haven't liked me yet, you totally should.


Mariane said...

hello!! i loved your blog!!

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

You could make him some custom cufflinks .. I have really nice nacre buttons that would work for that if you want :)

Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

I've got a few homemade gift ideas pinned on pinterest. Here's one:

Here's another (from the eat category):

Or you could try these cookies:
they were a big hit around here.

Julie said...

On craftster, there's a post where the girl took a rubix cube, pealed off the stickers and replaced them with photo stickers of herself and her guy. It'll cost the rubix cube ($10) and printer sticker paper. I did this for valentine's day a couple years back and my guy loved it. I've also made him a digi camo messenger bag for work and a scrapbook of our life together. Oh, a magnetic spice wrack (he loves to cook, lucky me) also. That's all I can think of that I've actually made for my husband. Good luck!

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