What I like Wednesday- Surprise parties and "Annie"

Oops, I'm a little late today! I was at the doctor's alll day and then had whoopdwhoop orders to fill, and then work and dinner! It feels good to sit down and blog. :)

BTW, do you Picasa? I heart the collage feature. No more scrolling through a million of my pictures! 

We visited my parent's house on April Fool's Day. We TOTALLY fell for the whole "Here's your drink oh haha it's Jello!" trick! Can't believe I didn't see that coming.

I also didn't see a surprise mini family birthday party coming! They are just so sweet. :) I even got my most favorite little sheepie candle holders on my cake! (Remember them from this post?) I was sooo sad when I realized I wasn't fast enough to blow out my candles and I burned one of the sheepies ears! (super big sad face.)

even though my little birthday party was fun, the real reason we went over to my parent's was to see my little brother and sister perform in my old high school's spring performance of "Annie!" The little brother was in the pit orchestra, so I only have the one picture of his awesomeness (seriously, do you know how many instruments he plays? No? I don't either. Too many to count.) My grandparents came with us AND we even got to meet up with my former babysitter (my favorite one, by the way) and my former YW leader (also a favorite.) It pretty much was the best night ever.

My baby sister played Molly, the second on command orphan. She had the first line in the entire performance, a few solo singing parts, and can magically transform from orphan to maid to show girl. Isn't she so pretty? It was such a great performance, way better than any of the other high school musicals I've seen in the past few months.


Amber Branconier said...

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SewHappyGeek said...

Happy bday! And it looks like the musical was a success. Your siblings are adorable!

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