Vacation subway art printable + more giveaways!

I hope everyone is enjoying all these wonderful guest posts! There are some amazing and talented women in blog land. There are more coming, so keep coming back for more! I am having a great time on vacation, I'm just stopping in to share some FREE vacation themed subway art!

You get five different color options! They are very large files, cropped to fit perfectly in a picture frame. My favorite is 8x10. Just right click, save, and print! Thanks, Cheri, for the awesome subway art tutorial!

Don't forget to enter the Knit Cookies giveaway! Ends 4.22

Oh!! And speaking of giveaways. You MIGHT want to check me out over at Sassy Sites today. I'm giving away another necklace and charm from my ANA collection! (If you haven't already, go enter to win a necklace and charm from the ANA collection at Mine for the Making!) So you've got one giveaway from Knit Cookies, two giveaways from me, and (get ready for it!) there's still one more coming. :) Can you handle all this?


Nila Listiana said...

i loveeee giveawaaaayy!!! :D

MeMeSue said...

Yeah.....new follower here! Hope you'll stop on over sometime!

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