Introducing...The ANA Collection!

I'm so excited to be finally posting about this! This little project has been a long time in the making. I'm so happy to announce that my little Etsy shop will have a new collection added to it, the ANA collection! (Cool name huh? They're my initials. My creativity does not carry over to naming things.) What is the ANA collection?

This collection features big, chunky necklaces embellished with large beads. Necklaces can be combined with charms that are completely customizable to your unique style. Everything about these necklaces are big! Big chains, big clasps, big beads!

Start with a chain. This one is my personal favorite, I love the white pearls with the clear crystal beads. Reminds me of wedding jewelry. These necklaces can be worn alone, but look much better when combined with...

Charms! Clamp one one.

Or clam on two! Necklaces and charms are made with lightweight aluminum findings, so you can pile on the charms and it won't weigh you down.

Go with a color scheme.

Or mix it up with different colors and textures! I've worn these all over with different outfits and they honestly go with anything! They spice up what would be a drab outfit, and people notice them. (In a good way, of course. Why would I try to sell you something bad?)

Wedding bells charm {buy here}
Juicy watermelon charm {buy here}
Glacier waters charm {buy here}
Dancing rain charm {buy here}
Secret crush charm {buy here}
Strawberries and cream charm. {buy here} These also work as keychains! (If you roll that way) Ready for the necklaces?

Sea storm necklace {buy here}
Lavender shadows necklace {buy here}
Dancing rain necklace {buy here}
Wedding bells necklace, my personal favorite. {buy here}

 Love em. Wanna buy them? They're now for sale in my Etsy shop!

CLICK HERE to make me happy. Ecstatic. Over the moon. Thrilled beyond belief! Do iiiiit!  I have more, but I won't list them until I clear out some of my inventory.


Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

Oh wow this is awesome. Is my special Facebook prize from that line ?? *Puppy dog eyes*

Betsy said...

Great necklaces. I really like the way you incorporate the clasps into the design.

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