Let's help Austin

Meet Austin.  He is a vibrant, sweet, and happy three year old in need of a kidney transplant. Last summer he contracted a deadly stain of E. Coli that caused his kidneys to shut down. Though he escaped with his life, his kidneys took a huge hit.
Over the last year he has been through so much in his short life. Tests, operations, in and out of the hospital, and has to travel to receive dialysis three times a week.  He is scheduled for a much needed kidney transplant sometime this spring and his mother Courtney is the most likely donor.

You can read his entire story here.

As you can imagine, the cost of a transplant is high, even with insurance.  They are hoping to raise $50,000 (of the $500,000) for the transplant and anti-rejection medicine.  There are several fundraisers being worked family and friends. 
My bloggy friend, Crystal of Crystal's Craft Spot  and a personal friend of the family is setting up up an online donation/giveaway. There will be several fabulous prize packages to be won (including an item from yours truly!) and a $2 donation to the family will buy you an entry for any of the prize packages. You can enter as many times as you would like and trust me, these prize packages are well worth $2 for a family in need. Keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming few weeks.
I know not everyone can donate. Even if it's not in your budget right now, consider spreading the word about Austin. Blog,tweet , facebook, spread the word in any way you can.  The more people that know the better.  Prayers can't hurt either, if you are the praying type. 

Click that sweet little boy's face to read his whole story.

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Christa Johnson said...

thank you so much for sharing Austin's story with me. I have stage four breast cancer and have benefitted so much from the support of everyone. In fact, my husband and I have been trying to "pay it forward" lately and this is the perfect oportunity for us to do so. thanks again.
I think I will post Austin's information on my blog as well!
p.s. my friends and I here in arizona love all your ideas and steal them frequently!!!

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