I love to watch Food Network. It's often on the the background when I'm crafting. It's fun to watch, informative, and I don't have to pay attention 100% to enjoy it. (Unlike shows like LOST or 24 where if you blink you miss something crucial to the plot.)  Plus, I really enjoy 90% of the shows. Two of my favorites are "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" and "Best Thing I Ever Ate."

When we lived in Idaho, David found out that a destination on triple D was just a half hour from where we lived! I thought it would be so fun to go to a restaurant that was featured on a TV show I watched, and it was.

When we were moving to MD, we stopped in Nebraska. When we asked the hotel owner for recommendations on restaurants, she mentioned one that was on triple D. We went there, and that's where our little "goal" of going to as many triple D locations as we could.

(PS that burger is one the best I've eaten in my entire life. Same goes for the fries.)

It's not an active goal, but when we find out that there is a place that we can go to we want to go! I've been watching Best Thing I Ever Ate a lot more too, and I've been wanting to go to one of those locations as well to eat something that an Iron Chef deems as one of the best things he's ever eaten! I mean, if an Iron Chef likes it, it has to be made out of magic right?

 This weekend we killed two birds with one stone, and hit a Triple D AND BTIEA location!
 It was absolutely the trashiest of all the locations we've ever been to, the kind where you lock your car, hide anything of value under the seats, and look out the window constantly to make sure your car is still there. And yes, there was a strip club literally 10 feet away.
 The food was DELISH though!
 But man, it was so trashy. Yes, that's an adult video store on the other side of the place. Who chose this location??

We hope to add a lot more locations to our slowly growing list. It's fun for the hubs and I to have little goals like this, and it's a great backup for when we can't think of anything to do.

What about you? Do you have fun little goals like this?


Julie said...

My husband loves that show too :) D, D, and D. I want to find a place to go to while we're on our vacation this summer. There aren't any places near where we live. I'll have to let you know when we go to one.

Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl said...

If you ever make your way down ti Georgia there is a place in the Atlanta area called Marietta that was on triple D. It is so good.

Stacy said...

my new goal in life is to be a food network judge ;0)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are doing a cross-USA road trip in May starting in California and ending in New York City. He thought I had lost the plot a bit when I started planning our route and timeline around Triple D locations, but since then he's watched the show and now agrees with me. Mostly!

At present we're scheduled to hit 13 Triple D locations over 22 days. The way I see it is we've got to eat, right? So why not go that little bit further and eat somewhere we know is going to be awesome?

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