New Tradition!

I'm starting this new tradition of getting super sick on holidays! I had the flu on Christmas that carried over into New Years, and now here I am sick on Valentine's Day! Although, I was just fine on MLK day...so maybe it's just a freaky coincidence! Either way, sorry for my lack of posts. I've been in bed since Friday and have gotten basically nothing done!

Wanna know what the hubs got me??

Well it's my blog and I can post what I want!

He left me a trail of sticky notes with pick up lines (love this one with airplanes, you know, since we met at an airport. :)
And he got me some birdhouses to paint! He knows I love to paint and I've been kind of obsessed with feeding the birds lately. Gosh, he's so sweet and thoughtful isn't he? :)

What did I do? Since I knew we wouldn't really be together today (he works mega long hours, 8am-11pm) I did a little "14 days of Valentine's Day" thing where I did something small for him everyday. It's been fun. :) Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day! I'll be curled up with chicken noodle soup, tissues, vapor rub, and lots of drugs.

Edited to add: Um, scratch that. I went outside to feed the birds and it's like spring. Maybe I'll enjoy the sunshine a little instead. :)


Chris King said...

How cute. The love of feeding birds is inherited from your mother. Did you like the heart shaped meatballs and rolls I made yesterday? I thought you'd get a kick out of them.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

he sure is a sweet and thoughtful man. Hope you feel better soon.

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