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You guys are in for a real treat today! I'm so happy to introduce you to a new craft blog, Collard Greens & Homemade Things. Bry is really talented, and she has a lot of really fun and creative ideas! She crochets, decorates cupcakes, beautifys her new home, and pretty much anything else you can think of! And guess what? Bry and I met in college. Yeah, that's right. I know her in real life! Be jealous. So kick back and relax, she's got a great tutorial for you today!
Hi! I'm Bry (the Mrs.) from Collard Greens & Homemade Things. I'm new to the world of craft blogs, but I adore Amie and her blog! I've done my share of blog-stalking, and I've always been a maker, but now I'm showing everybody what I can make! And I'm so excited!! So here goes!

I am part of a craft group, I secretly call us The Wives. I didn't grow up with these girls (I'm from Wisconsin!) but we're friends and all of our husbands are friends, so we are the wives! Last month's craft was these cute awesome frames that say LOVE on them! I'm going to show you how to make them!

What you need :
  1. 4 frames
  2. tissue paper
  3. Mod Podge
  4. brush
  5. ribbon/embellishments
  6. letters
  7. hot glue

Ok, I bought my frames at the Dollar Tree. I picked 4 that were the same, but I'm thinking for my next season, I'm going to pick some that are all different. I also picked black frames, I like how the tissue paper allows the black to show thru just enough.

Now, take the back and the glass out, set the glass aside. And start Mod Podge-ing on your tissue paper.

Coat one edge of the frame.

Take your tissue paper, and rip it up.
Now, take a piece of tissue paper and scrunch it up and put it on the Mod Podge'd egde of the fram. (Scrunching it up adds more dimension and different shades to the tissue paper.)

Now coat the tissue paper with more Mod Podge.

Continue with the rest of the frames.

While waiting for the frames to dry, you can start deciding what embellishments you'd like on the frames. (Or you can decided to not have any embellishments, it's totally your choice!) I like bows, lace, and buttons. So I created a bow, picked out some lace, and then picked out some buttons.

Once the frames are dry, you can hot glue the glass in place.

Next, put on the letters. I used vinyl letters I cut out backwards and put on the back of the glass. I've also seen alphabet stickers used and put on the front, and also cardstock letters cut backwards and spray-adhesived onto the back. It's completely up to you and the resources you have available. (You could use a dry erase marker and reuse the frames to spell other words like KISS, HUGS, XOXO, you could write notes!)

Next, you'll add your embellishments with hot-glue.

Be creative, there is no wrong answer for these! They are yours! Make them to fit your decorating style!!

Now, all that is left is put loops on them to hang them, if you'd like. Find the middle of the frame, pick your ribbon and your length, and hot glue the ribbon into place. Or, if there is allready a sawtooth bracket on the frame, tie the ribbon around that. Also, a teeny tiny itty bitty dab of Gorilla Glue would word wonders, but I think hot glue would be sufficent of hanging this light-weight frame from.Now, hang them for all to see!

I plan to hang them on a curtain rod, that way I can switch out frames and letters for all holidays. I got all kinds of ideas for Christmas, St Patty's, Easter, Halloween!! I'm so excited!

Be sure to keep your eyes (and pointers!) and Amie! And be sure to stop by and check me out over at  Collard Green & Homemade Things! See you soon!
Aren't those so cute? I can't wait to see what she fills them with for other seasons and holidays! Thanks again for being here today Bry! Make sure you check you Collard Greens & Homemade Things and bask in all of the great ideas she has.

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