Esty shop feature- Catie's Garden

If you're anything like me, you LOVE flowered hair accessories. Can I take a minute out of your busy day to introduce you to a fabulous etsy shop?

Thirteen-year-old Catie (yes, she's only 13!) makes seriously gorgeous hair accessories. This chick has real talent! She started making flowered hair clips last summer to help raise money for Girl's Camp, but when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer her attention shifted to that. Some of the money earned from her Etsy shop goes towards her grandmother's medical bills. Wanna see some of the goodies you'll find in Catie's Garden?

This stunning organza flower clip is my favorite. I love black and red together!

Actually, this green and pink beauty might be my favorite.

But how could I say no to this orange and yellow daisy clip?

Yeah, amazing. So if you've got a minute, check out Catie's Garden. you won't be disappointed, and you'll help a family in need too!


Chris King said...

Penny Blossoms!

srpprcrftr said...

Well now I'm embarrassed, those look alot better than mine. She is very talented, has a good eye for style and color. Bless her heart for helping her Grandmother. Sending a prayer for her GM also. Hope she'll get thru her hard time well and healthy.

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