What I like Wednesdays- Christmas trees

We're a little late, but we finally got the tree up! It took hours of cleaning, a little bit of digging, and a lot of rearranging but the tree is up! Sadly...the ornaments and skirts aren't on it, but it's a start right?

 Ok, so this isn't a Christmas tree, I just love lilies!
 I'm pretty sure Aeris knew exactly what was in the box. She kept sitting on it, and looking at us like "Please oh please oh please put this up!!"
 After all the cleaning and prep work, we finally busted it out!
 She literally leaped into the box as soon as the tree was out. Maybe she was just interested in the box!
 Ha, who am I kidding? What kitty doesn't love a Christmas tree??
 We only had one idea for the placement of the tree (basement living remember?) But the tree was two inches two tall!! Arrrgh!! We had to do a lot of rearranging but we finally found a spat that kinda sorta works. Still looks like it's in the middle of the room but hey, a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree right?

WHY does blogger keep turning my pictures sideways??? I have no idea how to fix this. I've tried turning it around every single different way and even using different pictures but it keeps doing this. What is going on? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Hopefully I'll have an ornament tutorial later this week (and a better picture of the tree!)

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AliLilly said...

My cat is soooo happy he only sleeps on the tree skirt now!

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