What I like Wednesdays- Purses and Handbags

What can I say? I'm a woman, I'm supposed to love them aren't I? Right now I am really into purses, primarily because I really need a new one. I honestly haven't bought a new handbag in years, I've been given a few and made a few more but I haven't bought one in a really, really long time. And I need a new one. My purses are very, how do I say this, "well loved" and I'm becoming embarrassed to be seen in public with them.

I made this DownEast inspired bag (The Nautical Bag) over the summer and loved it to death. Literally, the poor thing has been retired to the back of my closet and has few hopes of returning next summer. Besides, I need a bag for fall! I really like the idea of making my own purse because I can customize them to my liking and my needs. The only downside is, they seem to take me forever. Plus I really, really, really despise zippers. But there are so many stunningly gorgeous bag tutorials out there!!!

I'm in love with this Grandview bag from The Boy Trifecta. I mean, what's not to love?? Smooth mustard yellow velveteen and a silky purple interior? *Swoon* I wish I was as talented as she is. She took an already awesome bag and transformed it into something unbelievable! I seriously considered buying one from her etsy shop, but it's just not in my price range right now. (Christmas present honey? :)

She also has this amazing Kate Spade knockoff bag. I love tweed for fall and the red interior really pulls the whole purse together. And the buttons? I love the bag even more for those! There isn't a tutorial yet, but hopefully a pattern will be available soon!

I also adore this reversible handbag from Tea Rose Home! With my ADDness being able to change my bag frequently is a good thing!

Or this Pleated Shoulder Bag from the lovely and talented Disney? (Seriously, is there anything she's made that wasn't absolutely fabulous?) Sigh, so many choices, and this isn't even scratching the surface! And I haven't even touched glorified etsy bags!!!

This bag (The Carla) is from Better Life Bags (more on her later, look for a featured post on Saturday!) Right now she's having a 25% off sale and I'm feeling like I may have to jump on that...

And what about this gorgeous cherry red leather purse from Liberina Bags? The soft red leather and the rose accents make it completely to die for! Want want want. And there is even a cute surprise on the inside (click on the link to find out, I dare you.)

Hmm, tweed seems to be my thing today. :) I love the appliqued flower on this one from Pesky Cat Designs (I'd buy one just from the awesome name!) All their bags are nature inspired, and you know how much I love nature inspired crafts! (Or maybe you don't...PS I love nature inspired crafts!)

Should we go onto designer and big name brands? Yes I think we should!

Yes, do believe I love tweed. This Buena Notte one is from JCrew. If you look closely, there is actually shimmery goodness woven right into the fabric! Just enough to be fabulous, not tacky.

They got the name right on this one! The Fall in Love Bag from DownEast features gorgeous charcoal colored faux suede and romantic ruffles. I love the braided handles, I feel like I'd have a runway on my shoulder!

Oh dear, oh dear. To make, to buy, or to try a new knock off? Those are the questions! What do you think? Or better yet, do you have any more links for me to drool over? :)

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Emily said...

Make!! :) You could totally make either of my bags. I have faith!

Sarah said...

I didn't know I wanted/ needed a new purse until I read your post. uh oh. LOL ;)

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

ohhh they are beautiful!!! if I was a rich woman, I tell you, all those bags would be in my closet.

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