Jewelry, for Esty or for Amie?

I realize I was rather rude yesterday, showing you what I bought but now what I made with them! If you couldn't tell from the pictures, I'm really into jewelry making right now. I've invested in a lot of supplies and findings and I'm seriously having a blast making jewelry! I'll probably be over it by next week, but right now it's my favorite thing! :)

So allow me to remedy my rudeness from yesterday, I do hope you will forgive me. (drum roll...) Presenting jewelry creations by Amie!

"Cream puffs," a button bracelet made with some vintage, some used, and some new buttons! This is my favorite right now, it was so much fun to make and it makes a little but of a clinking noise when I wear it! I plan on making matching earrings soon too!

 "Tuxedos and champagne," I loved these smooth black glass beads! I paired them with sparkley golden beads to create elegant, little black dress worthy earrings.

"Date Night," made of Tibetan silver and glass pearls, what's more romantic than roses and pearls??

"Boho Chic," Also made with Tibetan silver and glass pearls, these earrings make me feel like a Native American princess on the banks of a river. Srsly, I tried to convince David that we should watch Pocahontas and then realized we didn't have it. Fail.

Yes, you're seeing that right. A kitty cat and airplane necklace. :) The kitty cat is even on a key! (Which, in case you didn't know, is one of my favorite things.) I'm wearing this one now, I  love the antiqued bronze and how cool is it that I have a necklace that coincides with my blog name?? Outlandishly cool, I would say.

So now I am debating with myself to put them up in the shop or keep them. Would you actually want to buy these pieces?

OH! Man, I really am rude. I keep talking about my shop and haven't even told you where to find it. Since Etsy has a limit on characters, my shop's name is kittycatsnairplanes. That's with an "n" NOT an "and!!!" So go find me! You might even see something in it soon...if my nerves don't get the best of me.

Also: Would anyone be interested in some jewelry tutorials in the future? I am far from an expert, but I do know a few tips and tricks that might help out fellow aspiring jewelry makers. :)


Crystal said...

These are so pretty. The buttons are my favorite. I would love some tutorials.

AmieAnn said...

Your not being rude.. only honest! I love the button bracelet and the rose and pearl necklace! Too cute and I love that you found charms that are of your two favorite things. Have fun making more jewelry!

Kara said...

LOVE everything! Def interested in jewelry tutes!

Christa Johnson said...

I would love a jewlery tutorial! You should make some... and the button bracelet is my favorite!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

i would like some jewelry tutorials :)

srpprcrftr said...

The button bracelet and the airplane and key are my favorites. So cute. I really like the antique bronze, it goes with alot more than you'd think. Very nice pieces and style.
Yes I'd like some tutorials. I have the worst time getting my old hands to wrap the wire on a connection. Duh. I'll be happy to take any instruction. I'm not 1 of those old people (72) that thinks you younger gals don't know things, you sure do. My kids (4) and their friends taught me alot as they were all growing up.
Take good care of yourself during your pregnancy.

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