Blog Swap with Naptime Crafters!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am so incredibly excited to introduce you to Amy of Naptime Crafters! She's got an amazing blog chock full of creative ideas (seriously, go check out her dollar store blanket turned into a fleece jacket, it's one of the coolest warmest upcyles ever!) Ok, I'm talking too much now. I'll let Amy take it away!

I'm so excited to meet all of you! Isn't it fun meeting new friends you have so much in common with? We even have the same name:) Different spelling, but still...

I have to admit I am still in awe over those paint chip pumpkins from awhile back- pure genius!!

Now a bit about me- since I guess that's what this blog swapping business is all about:)

I'm a SAHM to my 9-month old little miss who I love to pieces. She is seriously the sweetest thing ever and is even willing to help me out with my projects:

and wear the outfits I make without mentioning their little imperfections

Head over to naptime crafters to find lots of fun tutorials for baby, your home, and the holidays!

Are you ready for a tutorial? So... I had this really fun project with leaves planned and then it didn't quite pan out, but I have something even better to share! Warning- if you make this you may become completely addicted and carry it around like a baby. My mom wants to get a baby sling for hers:) Seriously all jokes aside- let me introduce you to:

    the Bed Buddy

This super warm bag of corn (yup doesn't sound eloquent, but that's what it is) will pre-heat your bed, soothe sore muscles, and even let you stick your ice cold feed on it in the middle of the night!

Ready to get started? Here's what you'll need:
  • 4 cups Feed corn (NOT pop corn. You can find it at farm type stores)
  • 1/3 yard fabric or 2 washcloths
  • Sewing Machine
1. Measure out your corn and put it in something with an easy pour spout. Cut your fabric into a nice long rectangle- mine measured 10x24", but you can play around with the size (If you're using washcloths skip ahead)

2. If you want to add a little extra something to your bed buddy applique on an initial or something fun

3. With your fabric right sides together sew around the edges leaving a 3"ish gap, so you can pour the corn in. I went around once with a straight stitch and then around again in zig-zag to reinforce it. 

4. Flip right side out, fill with corn and then topstitch the opening shut. Enjoy!

*Heating Instructions: In my tiny old microwave it takes about 3 minutes, but in a nice microwave only about a minute, so start low and work your way up. It will burn if you're not careful!!

*Breaking it in: the first few times you use it, it will smell and sweat. Ewww, but I promise after a couple times it will be broken in and ready to go. I've had the same one for over 10 years and it still works great! If you're giving it as a gift you should probably break it in first:)

Thanks Amie- it was fun swapping with you!

With cooler weather coming up I cannot wait to make several one of these! Don't forget to check out Naptime Crafters to see what I've posted on her blog!

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