Inspiration and a bit of luck

I know I already posted today, but I'm excited about this :D A little while ago, I entered a giveaway at Oops, I craft my pants. I usually don't enter giveaways unless I'm really excited about the item, and I was really excited with this one. I saw this..

Image from Etsy

And WANTED. Really badly. To enter the giveaway I needed to visit the shop and choose my favorite item. I thought for sure this gorgeous piece would be my favorite, but it had a very close competitor.

Image from Etsy

Isn't it gorgeous? Lilies are my all time favorite flower!

I insisted them in my bouquet, even though lilies aren't exactly winter flowers (We got married December 08). ANYWAY! I loved the necklace so much, I immediately set out to find something similar.

This was the best I could do. Ugh. I planned on making a bracelet with this tiny charm, but then I found out that I actually won that gorgeous necklace!!

It came in the mail today. :)

In pretty little packages!

It's so much prettier in real life! 

And even prettier on. 

Because I won the brooch, I decided I could afford to buy the other one I wanted. :) I thought of it as a two for one deal!

I can't even tell you how much I love these. I feel gorgeous wearing them (even though they didn't exactly match my outfit today...). And the best part? They both double duty as pins, so I can pin them onto other accessories! What a brilliant idea. 

If anyone is interested, these two pieces came from the Fancy Findings etsy shop. Aimee has such gorgeous pieces, I highly recommend her shop! She has beautiful pieces of jewelery and even wedding accessories!

Note: I was not paid or asked to write this review. I was simply thrilled with my pieces and wanted to tell the whole world about it.


Kara said...

Congrats on winning! They are both gorgeous pieces!!

Are you still making the bracelet?? I hope so... ;)

Inspiring You To Save! said...

Congrats! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The prices listed were original prices and you would take 75% off of that. I made sure to put that in the post after your comment.

AmieAnn said...

Hi Amie! Congrats on winning! And since we share the same name (lol) I am sharing my blog award with you.. Love your blog! Here's the link:

Cori said...

Congrats on winning! What a beautiful necklace!!

Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said...

Congrats!! Those are beautiful necklaces, both of them! (I would have done the same thing - two for one. haha)

jennoreilly said...

wow, those are gorgeous! Congrats on winning!

Here from NFF, have a great weekend!

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